VoiceThread: Lesson Plan

1) On your wiki page, explain how you would integrate VoiceThread in your ESL class.
2) To create your VoiceThread, register to VoiceThread
3) Then, look at the following documents:
(a) Introduction to VoiceThread


4) Finally, to post your VoiceThread on your team's page, follow these instructions: click here

Examples of VoiceThreads used in second language classes:
1) Click on the image to visit a wiki devoted to learning about and doing more with VoiceThread. Created by Colette Cassinelli.

2) 3rd grade language "Les Trois Petits Cochons" from Mme Smith

3) Language learners use VoiceThread to practice speaking

Examples of VoiceThreads used in English Language Arts classes:
7th Grade from Amy Cobb

Example of a rubric to evaluate your students' comments on VoiceThread: