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MYSTERY SOLVING: The class pet has disapeared, who has taken it???

Sergio, our class rabbit, is gone!!!! Who stole Sergio???? The rabbit and it's cage is gone.

In this wiki, each student will be given a clue (by e-mail) to solving the mystery. As a team, you must interact through the wiki page in order to solve the mystery. You have 1 week to solve the mystery or Sergio could be lost forever.

Step 1: Read the clue you have received in your inbox and share your clue with your peers on the wiki but make sure you write the clue in your own words; do not copy the clue word by word. Use your creative minds!

Clue #1 = Fur has been found in Kevin's locker

Clue #2 = A Tupperware with extra carrots and lettuce has been seen in Sara's lunchbox

Clue #3 = Last week, Maude has lost her home pet (bunny) and has been very sad

Clue #4= The class was cold and smelled like bleach

Clue #5 = My desk was not at its usual place


Step 2: Once all the clues have been shared, start sharing your ideas on the wiki of who took Sergio and explain why.

Step 3: After sharing your ideas on the wiki, you must come to a consensus for next week. You must write a short text that explains how you came to this conclusion.

Solution: The mystery is: The janitor took the bunny because he cleaned the floors and did not want to intoxicate it.

8 students: Kevin, Sara, Maude, Brian, Alex, David, Suzy, Catherine


Teacher will evaluate student participation, appropriate language use, correct sentence formation and grammar.



Students will have to share their favorite vacation memory. this voicethread will last 2 lessons; the first part is their own personal experience while the second part will consist of having students choose one of their peers' description that they would like to visit and say why.

A map of the world will be posted on the voicethread with instructions:
students need to: name the country and/or city they visited
with whom
talk of 1 activity they did during this vacation

students listen to all the voicethreads.
student chooses his/her favorite destination or activity they would like to experience and explain why.

Janie's Prezi:

Martin's Prezi:)

Audrey's Prezi : Gypsy horse