Kim P., Nabil Ramla, Kim R., Audray



Writing Activity: Secondary cycle 2, year 3 (secondary 5)
Classroom Wiki; Effects of Drugs & Alcohol

The goal of this project regarding the topic is to raise awareness of the use of drugs and its physical, psychological and social aftermath.
The goal regarding the use of a wiki is to integrate the MELS three competencies, to create a peer-to-peer and collaborative learning environment as well as encourage critical thinking and problem solving as a group.

Competency 1
Interacts orally in English
-Expands a personal language repertoire
-construct meaning of the message
-Initiates, reacts to, maintains and ends oral interaction
Competency 2
Reinvest understanding of texts
-Listens to, reads and/or views texts
-Constructs meaning of the text
-Represents understanding of the text
Competency 3
Writes and produces texts
-Uses a personalized writing process
-Uses a personalized production process


  • Computers, smart/active board

  • Group work (teams of four)
  • Duration (4 to 5 weeks)

Step 1:
  • Putting pictures of famous celebrities who died from drug abuse (students have to find the link between the pictures).
  • These famous celebrities are: Elvis, Heath Ledger, Amy Whinehouse,Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Dalida.
  • The students have to conduct a research on what is the link between them, despite the fact that they were all artists. They have to write their answer on their groups' wiki page.
Step 2:
  • Groups are assigned a specific celebrity.
  • The students have to do a research that is based on questions that they use as guidelines.
(Example: How does the drug that killed your celebrity affect the body?)

Step 3:
  • The students have to write an informative text on drug addiction and the physical, social and psychological effects.
  • Look for resources that these celebrities could have used if they would have lived in today's society (Quebec)
  • Considering all the content retrieved during your research, what is your opinion about drugs? (Your opinion must be supported by facts and examples.
  • How does the factor of celebrity can push the artists you've researched on to use drugs extensively?
  • Comment on other group’s wikis.
Methodological competencies:
To adopt effective work methods, as there is a limited amount of time.
Personal and Social Competencies:
To construct his/her identity: they can express their own likes and dislikes.

Intellectual Competencies
Creativity, Innovation skills, Flexibility
The activity was designed to develop the intellectual competencies, to use information by which the teacher gives the instructions verbally. The other intellectual competency is to use creativity; they use this competency in the activity, by personalizing their project, which makes them unique.
The students are given a limited amount of time each day to complete the task; this makes them use a methodological competency which is to adopt effective work methods.
The post activity also makes a use of personal and social competency, to construct his/her identity for; in the writing process they must integrate their personal opinion on other wikis. Students also learn flexibility; working in groups, they have to come to one agreement.

Classroom VoiceThread; Perrot Chat

Our voice thread is divided in three parts

First Part:

The students are asked to talk about what they would do if they were bullied at school.

Second Part:

The students are asked to talk about what they would do if one of their friends was bullied at school.

Last Part:

The students are asked to give their point of view towards what the school direction can do to avoid bullying.

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