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Our wiki is based on movies. The class will be divided into six different teams. Each team will have a different genre to comment on.
Here are the six possibilities:
- Comedy
- Drama
- Suspense
- Science-fiction
- Horror
- Action

After watching the selected movie, each team will have to give a critical analysis of it. Then, the other teams will be allowed to watch the same movie and modify and/or comment the previous critic.

For more information on how you could integrate ''wikis'' to your teaching, please click on the following link --------->

Another way to learn through e-based activities: http://teamgojetsgo.edu.glogster.com/team-4/

VoiceThread project:
Theme: Hobbies
Target learners: Secondary cycle one, year one.

Here are the guidelines for the activity:
Every week, the teacher will provide a new topic based on the theme of hobbies. He/she will then divide the class into five or six different teams that will discuss their interests and opinions.

Team 1: Music
Team 2: Sports

Team 3: Drawing
Team 4: Cinema
Team 5: Social activities
Team 6: Social networks

According to the assigned topic, students will have to:

- Choose a subject-specific topic related to their assigned theme.
- Decide the order of presentation
- Listen to the previous comments. The first person has to comment on the teacher's VoiceThread.
- Talk for approximately one minute about what they like about that subject, if they take any classes or participate in any competitive activities and why they enjoy or dislike this type of hobby.
- Respond to the previous post and give constructive comments about it.

Benefits to students:

- They have to listen, analyze what their peers said and construct critical judgment.
- It will also improve students' speaking skill.
- They will learn to work with ICTs and to cooperate with others
- They will broaden their knowledge on the given topic

GO THERE GUYS YOU WILL ENJOY! : http://alexisfortier.blogspot.com and http://forget20.edublogs.org/and Elodie's blog
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