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Task 1
Ask students what they know about brain function.
Research the topic and summarize and post their findings on the wiki.
Students read other team members' comments, compare and add comments.

The teacher explains that humans use less than 20% of their brain and asks the students how they think we can improve brain function. Students must answer on the wiki.

Task 2
Have the students watch Limitless Trailer
Have the students make a list of the pros and cons of taking the pill that gives access to 100% of mental capacities.

Task 3
Group the students in teams of four and have them discuss the following questions:

Do you think that being too intelligent would have effects (negative or positive) on your social life?
Do you think that this pill could make you greedy and/or insensitive?
Considering the fact that many people will want the magic pill and it is hard to get, do you think it could put you in danger?
Do you think that you could change something in the world? If so, what would you change?

Task 4
Ask the students: if you had access to the magic pill, would you take it? Why?
Have them explain their point of view in a minimum of 10 complete and thoughtful sentences and have them post it on the wiki.


Lesson Plan Voicethread
-Get the students to read the following article:

-Divide the class in 5 teams, assigning each team one of the following tasks (each student must answer the question and comment on their peers' voicethread):
1-Give me solutions in order to help the victim of intimidation
2-How should schools react to this problematic?
3-How should parents deal with abusive children?
4-How should parents deal with their children who are victims of intimidation?
5-What help is offered to you in your environment if you or your friend(s) is (are) victim(s) of intimidation?

Prezi: Joelle Desaulniers , Lydia Descoteaux