Joannie, Cindy C., Mélanie, Cindy D.

- Divide the class in groups (5 students per group)

- Each team member need to choose a specific music genre in the following list:

Music genre
- Country Music
- Hip-Hop
- Jazz
- Rock
- Gospel

- Once everyone has a music genre, they need to create a text by answering those questions:

1. Provide a short history of the music genre.
2. Are there any sub-categories related to this music style? Please, name an artist related to each sub-category (when possible).
3. What are the principal subjects used by the artists of this music genre? (What are, the majority of, the songs about?)
4. How is this genre used/presented in a specific context. Name a specific place/event where this genre is predominant

- It is really important that students DO NOT answer the questions one by one. They need to create a structured text. The text should be like an article, so it must include all the information regarding each question and should be divided in 4 specific paragraphs.

- When they are finished, students need to find a video, and the lyrics related to this video. Make sure to tell the students that no inappropriate language will be tolerated.

- They have to post this video and the link for the lyrics below their article.


- When the first part is done, each student needs to choose another music genre. It is important to make sure that all genres are covered. Not only hip hop for example, each students need to have a new different genre.

- Answer the following questions in regards of the video (answer the questions in the document word provided below). For this part, students can answer question by question.

- Once they have finished answering those questions, they need to come back on the Wiki to post AFTER the post of the video of the student who developed on the music genre of the analysed video. He/she needs to discuss the relation between the answers that have been found and the music genre. Is the video related to the appropriate music genre? Why or why not?

- The student should also include on the Wiki page the saved version of the Word Document filled with his/her answers about the video. This way other students will be able to see all the answers related to this video/lyrics.

The Wiki page should look like this once finished:
Title - Music Genre
Structured text of the first part's question.
Post the video and the lyrics of the song chosen.
The findings of the second student's analysis of the video/lyrics of the song chosen by the first student.


Implication of Medias in Teaching and Learning Process - Joannie Charette


Joannie Charette Glogster


Because our Wiki is about music, we thought that students could continue on the same topic so they could do a VoiceThread about their music taste.

- Directives would be given to students so answer some questions over the VoiceThread ( for example: )
- When everyone has done its own VoiceThread, students will be assigned 5 VoiceThread to respond to (assigned by the teacher).
- They will need to comment on the choice/ taste of the other student. If wheter they like it or not, if they listen to the same kind of music, if they like the song and the video, etc.
- It is important to tell them to respect the other's not everyone who has the same taste!
- It is also important to remind them that, in their choice of song and video, no inappropriate language will be tolerated.

Here is an example of what it can look like:

Joannie Charette's Prezi

Cindy Deschesnes' Prezi

Cindy Chrisafoudis' Prezi

Melanie Daigneault's Prezi