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Cross Curricular Competencies:

Uses information
Exercises critical judgement
Adopts effective work methods
Communicates appropriately

ESL Competencies:

This LES includes each of the three ESL competencies:
C1: Communicates orally in English
C2: Reinvests understanding of texts
C3: Produces a text

Project: Book report

Secondary cycle one, year two

Book chosen: Tom Sawyer
Grouping: Class is divided in teams of 3
Purpose: Students read book at home and work on wikis in class to acquaint students with literature.
Duration: throughout the semester.
Each wiki is protected.


Each week, students (teams) read a chapter in the designated book.

Each team member has a role (roles change each week)
Writer (Student A) - writes the chapter summary
Editor (Student B)- edits and handles the layout
Proofreader (Student C) - corrects mistakes (spelling, grammar, etc.)
The teacher monitors the wikis on a weekly basis to ensure that the work is getting done and that students are on track.

At the end of the semester, the wikis are unlocked and other teams read and evaluate the other teams' wikis (peer evaluation).
Students evaluate their team members (peer evaluation 2)
Students evaluate themselves (self-evaluation)


Week 1: During the first week, student A writes the summary of chapter one. The other members can not edit anything yet, so they will have to complete their tasks at home. (Student B- edits and handles the layout, student C- corrects mistakes.)

Week 2: Student B writes the summary of chapter two. Student C edits and handles the layout and student A corrects mistakes.

Teacher evaluation:

Summaries (pertinence of information)


*By Andréanne and Marie-Pier


*By Pascale Boilard


By Allison Brennan


Following the completion of the wikis, each team will be required to comment on the other teams' wikis.

ESL Competencies Evaluated
C1 - Communicates Orally
C2 - Reinvests Understanding of Texts

The teacher assigns a wiki to each team.
Each team member must comment on the wiki they have been assigned to.
The teams must comment on the following:
- varied vocabulary
- content
- originality
- coherence
- wiki appearance / layout

Students are instructed to contribute constructive, positive feedback to their peers.

The teacher will monitor the comments prior to having students listen to them to make sure that the instructions have been followed.

Each team will listen to the comments they have received during the following class.

Teacher evaluation:

C1 - Communicates orally in English
C2 - Reinvests understanding of texts
C3 - Produces a text

Each of the above competencies are linked to the comments each student will make (using VoiceThread) on the assigned wiki.

By: Andréanne, Pascale, Allison, Marie-Pier